Age of Sigmar: Carrion Empire

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Carrion Empire

A fantastic value Warhammer Age of Sigmar box set packed with 33 Citadel miniatures

Flesh-eater Courts: 1 Abhorrant Archregent (only available in this box set at this time), 20 Crypt Ghouls (91–12), 3 Crypt Horrors and 3 Crypt Flayers (91–13) Skaven: 1 Warlock Bombardier (only available in this box set at this time), 1 Doomwheel (90–11), 1 Warp Lightning Cannon (90–23), 3 Stormfiends (90–17)

Includes a book explaining the story of the Carrion Empire, as well as a core rules booklet, token sheet and warscroll cards for the miniatures in this set

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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