Necron Canoptek Wraiths

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    Canoptek Wraiths are the eyes and ears of a slumbering Tomb World . They travel silently through the halls, searching for enemy intruders and inspecting the systems for any damages. The dimensional destabilisation matrix is the Canoptek Wraiths most notable feature. This allows them to phase shift in and out of reality at will. The dimensional destabilisation matrix is also used to great affect on enemies by phasing its claws and tendrils inside of the opponent, quickly solidifying the them to lay waste to the innards of your opponent while leaving no entry or exit wounds.

    You will always encounter a pesky enemy unit that is out to cause you as much grief as possible. The Canoptek Wraiths are the perfect unit for eliminating these units. Their ability to travel at high speeds undeterred through terrain allows them to hunt down the most bothersome units in your enemies army, no matter where the try and hide.

    this blister pack contains
     Necron Canoptek Wraiths

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