Space Marine Assault Squad

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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Assault Squad (2015)

Space Marines who excel in the unrivalled fury of close combat are organised in assault squads. Equipped with jump packs they take the fight to the enemy in an unbridled show of brutal close combat. Armed with an array of weaponry including pistols and swords they are terrifying to behold dropping from above like flaming angels of death.

This multi-part plastic boxed set assembles to make 5 Space Marine Assault Marines which can all be assembled with or without jump-packs including a variety of weapons options.

This set includes:

  • 7 Marine Helmeted Heads & 2 Bare Heads
  • 5 torsos with & 5 without harnesses & back-packs
  • 5 Running Leg assemblies
  • 12 Shoulder Pads
  • 5 Bolt Pistols
  • 5 Chainswords
  • 3 Plasma Pistols
  • 2 Flamers
  • 1 Grav Pistol
  • 1 Heavy Chainsword
  • 1 Powerfist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw & Thunder Hammer
  • 1 Combat Shield
  • 1 Melta Bomb
  • 5 32mm round bases

Miniatures require assembly & are supplied unpainted.

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