Tyranid Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord

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Hive Tyrants carry out the Hive Mind's will. They are immensely powerful creatures, standing tall at three times the height of a man.The Hive Tyrant's body is designed to slaughter and kill all in its path. Hive Tyrants prove effective at both close quarters and long range combat.

The Swarmlord is as ancient as the Tyranid race itself. It is a beast of devastating powers that has crushed empires and overseen the extermination of entire races.It is both feared and revered for its ability to cause the downfall of entire worlds.

The Tyranid Hive Tyrants huge size is more than enough to put the fear of God in your enemies. Once they start spilling blood, not much can stop them. The Hive Tyrant is the perfect killer with its copious amounts of weaponry and upgrades. These beasts will shred your opponent to unrecognisable pieces with a total disregard for any life. Let the bloodshed begin.

  • This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 59 components with which to build one Tyranid Hive Tyrant or one Swarmlord. This kit comes with a massive selection of weaponry, including a stranglethorn cannon, a heavy venom cannon, a huge set of wings, and four boneswords should you wish to build your Hive Tyrant as the Swarmlord – the nastiest of all Tyranid Hive Commanders. It also comes with one 60mm base.
  • This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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