Warhammer Quest - Blackstone Fortress

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    Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is an adventure game that puts you in the heart of an unfolding mystery in the 41st Millennium. Working with your friends, you’ll use your wits to battle right to the heart of an ancient citadel, pursuing hidden agendas and attempting to discover its secrets. Using an innovative system of procedural generation, no two adventures will be the same, with new layouts, enemies and more in every play through.

    Eight heroes are playable in Blackstone Fortress:

    • Janus Draik – Rogue Trader
    • Espern Locarno – Imperial Navigator
    • Taddeus the Purifier – Ministorum Priest
    • Pious Vorne – Missionary Zealot
    • Amallyn Shadowguide – Asuryani Ranger
    • Dahyak Grekh – Kroot Tracker
    • UR-025 – Imperial Robot
    • Rein & Raus – Ratling Twins

    The enemies of the Imperium are many, and Blackstone Fortress includes several different types to try and thwart the heroe’s attempts to break into the Hidden Vault. The box contains:

    • Obsidius Mallex – A Chaos Space Marine Lord
    • 2 Chaos Space Marines
    • 4 Chaos Beastmen
    • 2 Rogue Psykers
    • 4 Negavolt Cultists
    • 4 Ur-Ghuls
    • 4 Spindle Drones
    • 14 Traitor Guardsmen


    - $199.95

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