2 Player starter deck (Megatron)

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    Battle for the fate of the universe in a pitched Autobots vs. Decepticons battle between the valiant Bumblebee and the devious Megatron!

    With the BUMBLEBEE VS MEGATRON Starter Set, 2 players can start playing the Transformers Trading Card Game by playing with teams of 2 Character Cards each and splitting the deck of Battle Cards, -or- 1 player can use the 4 Character Cards and 40 Battle Cards for full gameplay.

    The BUMBLEBEE VS MEGATRON Starter Set contains cards and materials for 2 players to begin the action:

    4 Foil Transformers Character Cards

    Ready-to-Play Deck of 40 Battle Cards

    Damage Counters

    Rules Insert

    - $19.95

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