5 Minute: Marvel

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    Suit up for 5-Minute Marvel!

    The Marvel version of the chaotically fast-paced cooperative card game 5-Minute Dungeon that lets my group of Marvel heroes battle past Marvel bosses all in less than 5 minutes! Fast and frenetic gameplay gets everyone involved and engaged. Cooperative gameplay encourages communication, interpersonal interaction, and teamwork. 10 Marvel heroes to choose from and 5 progressively difficult Marvel bosses delivers strong re-playability.


    • 5-Minute Marvel is the most fun you can have in 5 minutes!
    • Play this chaotic, cooperative real-time card game and see if you can handle the excitement!
    • Tap into you battle instincts and use quick judgement to determine how to defeat villains.
    • Use your imagination in this comic-based card game!

    - $45.95

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