Arkhive 400+ (Pink)

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    The Arkhive Flip Case 400+ is the ultimate box for storing and carrying large numbers of cards and/or multiple cases in many different ways! It's modular design is perfectly dimensioned to hold an almost endless variety of Ultimate Guard products.

    - Dimensions: 30,7 cm x 11 cm x 9,5 cm
    - Inner dimensions : 303 x 76.5 x 102 mm (W x D x H)

    Here are just a few examples of what this amazing box can hold:
    - 430+ double-sleeved cards
    - 500+ single-sleeved cards
    - 850+ unsleeved cards
    - 175+ Top-Loaders
    - 5x Boulder™ Deck Case 80+
    - 4x Boulder™ Deck Case 100+
    - 3x Flip Deck Case 80+ (plus 1x Boulder™ Deck Case 80+ or 1x Deck Case 80+)
    - 5x Deck Case 80+


    Innovative cover material with anti-slip texture

    Premium material

    Premium microfibre inner lining

    Very strong closure

    4 magnets for a precise and secure closure 

    Durable rigid box

    Super rigid double-layer skin for maximum protection

    Modular design


    A great variety of Ultimate Guard products fit perfectly inside the box 

    Convenient multi-deck-carrying

    Card decks can remain in their deck cases, but can still be carried together in one box

    Extra easy access

    When fully opened, the 3-fold lid leaves the box open to both sides for extra easy access 

    Compact and spacious

    The compact design of the box surprises with a capacity of more than 430 double-sleeved cards

    Great for Cubing

    Magic the Gathering™ players will love to use this box at cube drafts

    - $59.95

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