Assassins Creed Arena Board Game

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Assassins Creed Arena Board Game
Product Description
  • In Assassin's Creed: Arena, players compete to uncover the best targets for assassination
  • But before you can go in for the kill, sometimes you have to deal with some pesky guards, as well as your opponents
  • Players will collect cards and treasure, move guards, and hide within the city of Constantinople until they find their time to strike
  • Combat is handled through cardplay, and the player who best manages their cards will have the best chance at victory.
  • - Based on the world of Assassin's Creed, the long-running and award-winning video game franchise from Ubisoft
  • - The game includes several scenarios (2, 3, and 4 player) and game variants for great replayability
  • - Easy to learn rules makes it great for new gamers
  • Very little randomness appeals to hardcore gamers
  • - Play as fan-favorites characters Shahkulu, Odai Dunqas, Anacletos, or Oksana Razin
  • - Game Box Contains:60 Event Cards, 90 Action Cards, 4 Oversized Assassin Character Cards, 4 Assassin Pawns with bases, 9 Guard Pawns with bases, 51 Target Tokens, 12 Bonus Victory Point Tokens, 1 Six-Sided Die, 1 Game Board, 1 Rulebook
  • - Number of Players: 2-4
  • - For Ages: 15+
  • - Playing Time: 30 - 45 Minutes

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