Cardfight Vanguard V Extra Booster 11 - Crystal Melody booster box

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Each box comes with 12 packs / each pack comes with 7 random cards. 

"LIR"(Legend Idol Rare) returns with an exclusive new unit illustration by illustrator"

Long-awaited units such as "Riviere", "Coral", and "Pacifica" return! This product provides a great power-up for the "Highlander" and "Melody" decks! Also, brand new decks based on the remade units can be constructed as well!

Reissue cards are First Vanguard and Trigger Units from V-TD08 with new illustrations! "Pure Gifter, Aliche", "Direct Sign, Pursh", "Lover Hope, Rina", "Joyful A la Carte, Irma", and "Handmade Lover, Elena"

A VR or SVR will definitely be included in every display!

Release Date 31st January

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