Constructicon Team Starter Deck (Devastator)

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  • PREPARE FOR BATTLE: The Devastator Deck includes a full team and deck for one player to battle in the Transformers TCG, including six Constructicon Combiner character cards.
  • TOWER OVER THE BATTLEFIELD: Assemble the team of six fearsome Constructicons and use the battle card Constructicon Enigma to combine them into DEVASTATOR - TOWERING WARRIOR!
  • COMBINE: Each Combiner Character Card is the size of a standard Transformers TCG character card, but has a Combiner piece on one side, and the Alt and Bot modes on the other.
  • ROLL OUT: Combiner Character cards have a hinge in the center, which allows them to be folded and played as one of several characters.
  • COLLECT! BUILD! BATTLE! The Devastator Deck includes three copies each of five battle cards not previously available in other Transformers TCG sets.

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