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    Disney’s popular animated classic is back once again with the release of Frozen 2!

    The ice world depicted in the first movie is now augmented with a new world full of Autumn maple! With a new setting and visual style also comes a new character to join the Snow Queen, Elsa and that’s the introduction of Nokk, the latest character hailing from the sea!

    The two characters, a bound in a new exciting adventure with the brave Elsa summoning an elemental Water Spirit with ice and snow through the great seas, and the ever-optimistic Anna taking gazing into the Autumn wind with determination and resolve.

    The D-Stage range of dioramas is the perfect addition to any fan of classically staged movie scenes. The Frozen 2 series from Beast Kingdom combines the characters from the film, with a beautiful charm of the settings in a magical recreation.  At nearly 16-cm in height, the statues are vividly painted and accurately detailed.

    So, take home these dioramas that are sure to encompass the courage and struggle of these two amazing characters today!

    6 inch classic Frozen 2 Scenes, around 15-26 cm in height.

    • Perfect recreation of classic scenes
    • Delicate character depiction
    • Highly detailed paint work


    - $66.95

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