Final Fantasy TCG Versus Deck Cloud vs Sephiroth

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    Relive one of the most memorable Final Fantasy battles to date. Cloud vs Sephiroth

    March 2020 will mark the long-awaited return of FINAL FANTASY VII, a game that brought Japanese Role Playing Games to the modern era with some of the most emblematic characters ever created.

    Launching alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake is this 2-Player Starter Set, available February 28th, 4 days before the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake!


    - Prebuilt Deck (Cloud): 50 cards
    - Prebuilt Deck (Sephiroth): 50 cards
    - Quick Starter Guide: 2


    - 10 BRAND NEW cards from Opus XI making their first appearance! And there's 3 of each card (30 cards total)
    - Exclusive Alternate Artwork for Cloud and Sephiroth 
    - Final Fantast VII Remake Assets

    * Final Design Subject to Change


    - $49.95

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