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Sculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu

Kotobukiya's spin-off series "Frame Arms Girl" is based on their original robot contents "Frame Arms". The latest model is of "Hresvelgr"!

Frame Arms Hresvelgr, designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, has been turned into a figure based on the bishoujo illustration by E-ji Komatsu.
You can enjoy 3 different modes thanks to the Frame Arms style transformation system.

-Can be transformed into standard mode, side winder mode and air bike mode.
-Set includes 4 types of expression parts. (tampo printed standard right looking face & left looking face, shouting front looking face and face without tampo printing)
-Wide articulation has been achieved by using draw-out style shoulder joint and upper arm articulation axle.
-Slide articulation on crotch joint for better articulation.
-Ball-joints are used for the hand parts.
-Set includes 5 types each of PVC made left and right hands. The hand parts can be used with previously released Frame Arms Girl series as well.
-Set includes decals of eyes and expressions.
-Set includes "MB42R flying base R".
-Set includes 2 types of 3mm diameter hole compatible grips.
-Body mode can be recreated by exchange of parts.
-3mm diameter big holes made on arms and foot are compatible with weapon parts of M.S.G series and Frame Arms series.
-The tail-style part on the hip can be used as a cannon by holding it with hand. The blade parts attached on the left & right sides of the tail-style part can be used as hand-held weapon.

What is "Frame Arms Girl"?
Frame Arms Girl is a Bishoujo-ized spin-off series of Kotobukiya's original robot content "Frame Arms".

Series concept:
-Kit parts are made in different color molds and face parts are preprinted, therefore the kit can be completed even without any paint job.
-It is also possible to switch head, arms, legs and other parts with existing and new "Frame Arms Girl" products, allowing purchasers to extensively customize them as they like.
-The product is also compatible with existing M.S.G. weapons, heavy weapons and Frame Arms.

Please note that Stands are not included

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