Hairdorables Sallee's Gone Bananas

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    Please Note: The package has been opened to confirm the doll, all accessories and other parts have been untouched, and will be shipped in it's original carry case.

    • Noah and the Hairdorables are showing off some freshlooks in Series 4. The girl squad with "Big Hair Don't Care" attitudes are now scented. They’re even introducing three new friends: Saige, Phoebe, and Emily
    • 39 NEW Hairdorables Dolls to collect, including 1 rare and 1 ULTRA-rare, across Series 4
    • Scented dolls
    • Series 4 themes include Carnival Cuties, Garden Party, and Splash Sensation
    • 11 surprises inside
    • Each package includes 1 poseable Hairdorables doll, and 10 surprises.
    • Each package is a surprise – which Hairdorables girl will you unwrap?


    - $36.95

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