Heroes of Land, Air & Sea Pestilence Expansion

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    Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Pestilence introduces 2 new Factions, 20 new Spell Cards, 24 new Exploration Tokens, and an all new Floating Continent and Sunken Continent

    The Floating Continent is the starting island for the Birdfolk and is accessible via ferry routes and air vessels. The Sunken Continent is the starting island for the Merfolk and can be placed over any island. It is seeded with water exploration tokens instead of land tokens, but remains traversable only by land units and air units, like other islands.

    Game Contents:

    • Components for a 7th Player!
    • 2 Factions (Birdfolk & Merfolk)!
    • 40 Miniatures!
    • 16 Constructs!

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