Magic: The Gathering Color Series - Blue 5g Silver Coin Note

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    Jace Beleren, a human planeswalker from Vryn who is adept with blue magic, features alongside Planeswalkers, Tezzeret and Teferi, on this new 5g silver coin note.

    Commemorating the Blue series in the Magic: The Gathering colours of mana, this attractive and dazzling new coin note artistically combines both colour and engraving, creating an eye-catching visual effect. The official Magic: The Gathering logo is printed onto the note along with the unique number in the mintage, confirming the note’s authenticity.

    The obverse of the note features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

    This silver coin note is presented in a high-quality, eye-catching Magic: The Gathering themed box and carrier. The Certificate of Authenticity sits within this themed box.

    With only 25,000 coin notes available worldwide, this limited-edition coin note will make a spectacular and affordable precious metal gift for Magic: The Gathering fans and collectors.

    - $54.95

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