Omnibot Gagan Gun - Red Kuratas Model

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Gagan Gun Laser Fighter Game


Do battle with two laser fighters with the Gagan Gun set. Use your handheld controller to move your fighter forward, tilting the device to the left or right to make the warrior move his legs in the same direction. Your futuristic soldier moves faster and better by skilled movement of the controller in your hand. But the intuitive and interactive nature of the Gagan Gun system really comes into its own when you start shooting your laser gun! Fire by pulling the trigger on the controller and you can shoot your opponent.

Blind Box

Hit your opponent 10 times to win. Since you both can race around the table or floor at high speeds, it takes real skill to hit your mark. When you have shot 30 rounds, you have to "reload" by recharging your controller for around 2 seconds, leaving you at the mercy of your opponent.

When you fire, your laser gun will light up. After your opponent has been hit 9 times they will flash red to alert you that victory is almost yours. You can also knock out your opponent by hitting them directly.

The Gagan Gun Laser Fighter Game features:

  • One fighter, controller, and 4 target practice figures
  • Requiers: Power: AAA batteries x 5 (not included)
  • Recommended for ages 6 and over
  • Laser beams are not visible in the game
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to play)

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