Xenoskin Quadrow Zip Folio (Green)

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    High quality PLAYSET binder with durable XenoSkin™ cover, zipper closure and 20 integrated 12-pocket-pages for all standard- and Japanese-sized gaming cards.

    - PLAYSET binder: view and organize your collection in a more suitable way
    - 20 pages holding up to 480 double-sleeved cards
    - Innovative XenoSkin™ cover material with anti-slip texture
    - Side-loading pockets for increased card protection
    - 4-column rows design
    - Extra clear 12-Pocket pages
    - Zipper closure for secure transportation and major protection
    - Archival Safe: acid free, no PVC
    - Dimensions: 351 x 330 x 30 mm

    - $64.95

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