Quarriors! Quartifacts

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    The 4th Expansion set to the hit dice game - Quarriors!

    All of Quaxos' magical items have gone missing and you...mighty Quarrior...must take it upon yourself (with the help of your trusted Squier) to find them!

    All new Quest cards are available in the Wilds for you to send your Creatures to find the all new LARGER Quest dice wielding unimaginable power (no seriously, we have no idea what these things do).

    Includes 5 new Creatures and 2 new Spells along with a new Basic card - The Squire! - and featuring 12 Quest cards and 6 Quest dice.

    46 new Custom Dice & 36 NEW cards including:

    • 5 new Creatures
    • 2 new Spells
    • A new Basic Card: The Squire!

    - $67.00

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