Round 20 Roulette: Zendikar Rising Multi + Colourless Collector Booster

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Welcome to our Booster Roulette! Remember even though this is just for fun, we would still like to make up some rules. 


- When you make a purchase, you are able to add a 'Nickname' in the additional Information field, because we will be posting this up online, if it's left blank, I will write your first name.

Our Booster Roulette Playlists will be here, you can see the rules in the video too.

Please feel free to suscribe!

- Only 1 Slot will be open at any given time, once the Round has completed, we will open up all the Slots with another 1. 

- Once all slots are filled, we will then open a booster box of the given set, and you will acquire all the cards that were opened. 

- Players will be able to have it shipped to their home, or pick up in store. If the player wishes to view in person, you are more than welcome to, otherwise I will just be opening it and uploading the video.


Zendikar Rising Roulette

- White (You will receive all White common, uncommon, rare, + White Flip Land)
- Blue (You will receive all Blue common, uncommon, rare, and Blue Flip Land)
- Black (You will receive all Black common, uncommon, rare and Black Flip Land)
- Red (You will receive all Red common, uncommon, rare and Red Flip Land)
- Green (You will receive all Green common, uncommon, rare and Green Flip Land)
- Multi + Colourless (You will receive all Multicolor / Colourless common, uncommon and rare)

Once an Expedition is opened, we will roll a D6 dice, and will drop onto the respective slot. Multiple slots will NOT drop to the same number, and will be rerolled.

Box Toppers will be rolled last.






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