The Brigade – The Game of Fantasy Firefighting & Way of the Wardens Expansion

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The Brigade is a board game for 2-4 players (or 1-5 with the expansion!), ages 8 and up and takes around 15 minutes per player to complete.

During the game players control rival firehouses offering protection to the good citizens of Tinderbox. The aim of the game is to win the Loyalty of the people with acts of heroic fire fighting and earn the coveted position of Fire Chief.

If you order the The Brigade before the end of March it comes free with the Kickstarter stretch goals bundled into “The Way of the Wardens” the first expansion for The Brigade.

The Way of the Wardens adds exciting new ways to play The Brigade and heaps of new content.

 5 New Ways to Play

  • Co-Op mode: Team up with upto 3 friends to save Tinderbox
  • Solo Mode: Go it alone for all the Glory
  • All Versus One Mode: It’s the Pyromancer against the Wardens in a 4 Player or
  • 5 Player Team Competition, plus
  • The Rise of the Phoenix Campaign! Take on this 4 Chapter Campaign in Co-Op or Solo Mode and stop the evil Cult of the Cuckoo from summoning the dreaded Phoenix!

5 Content Expansions

  • The Tinderbox Night Wardens: Choose from 5 new Wardens to lead your crew to victory
  • Big Buildings Pack: Expand the Town with 8 new special locations!
  • New Crew Members: beef up your crew with 6 new recruits
  • Fire Festival Special Events
  • New Brigade Equipment: Visit the Firehouse Forge and buy a host of helpful items to use in Co-Op and Solo Games

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