The Chameleon

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The Chameleon Everyone knows the secret word for the round except for the Chameleon. But who is the Chameleon? Each round, every player gets to say just one word to each other in order to prove their innocence and single out the imposter. Choose a word that’s too obvious and the Chameleon might catch on. Choose a word that’s too vague and people might start thinking that you’re the guilty one. Players will need to use all their cunning, team work and witch-hunting skills if they want to succeed. If you’re the Chameleon, however, the rules are much more simple.

Don’t. Get. Caught.

  • Everyone knows the secret word, except for the Chameleon. But who is the Chameleon?
  • Use social deduction, bluffing and secret codes to expose the guilty player.
  • The Ultimate Christmas party game.
  • Winner of UKGE Best Party Game of 2017 and Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.
  • Age 14+, 3-8 players.

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