Zombicide: Angry Neighbors

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    Zombicide: Angry Neighbors: An expansion for Zombicide.

    The Zombie apocalypse has not improved the neighborhood. Before, you occasionally saw a drunkard howling insanities in the street. Now, each time you go for a walk, you are sure to cross hordes of grumpy, infected, maniacal neighbors. Your new angry neighbors are zombies, yes!

    • On the plus side, you can greet them with a crossbow or flaming nailbat.
    • Isn't life great? Angry Neighbors is an expansion for the Zombicide board game.
    • Go for a hell of a tour in the neighborhood with 4 brand new Survivors, their zombivor counterparts, and 8 Companion sidekicks!
    • 15 missions (5 for each core game) are featured as well for hours of fun, using 3 new game tiles filled with holes in the floor and funny new places to explore.
    • Arm your team with new Equipment cards (Crossbow! Winchester! Zomb Knuckles!) to chase the fast and unpredictable zombie Seekers.
    • Enjoy the (angry) neighborhood!.

    A Zombicide: Season 1 Core Game box is needed to enjoy this pack

    - $99.95

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