Friday Night Magic Free Ikoria Draft on Arena - 18th April

To celebrate the launch of Ikoria on MTG Arena, Wizards will be sending out every player who logs in tomorrow, a FREE Draft. 

So, Spellbound Games will be doing a Free FNM Draft on 18th April.

Time: 6:30pm Pairings go up
Free Registration: Head to our discord

Please mute all games you don't play, and look for FNM April 18th, and follow how to post your name and you Arena ID there. 

Once you are done, please still head to the discord and enter, and I will enter your details onto our pairing.

Please do this before 6:30 before the Event:
- Log onto Arena, and receive the free draft.
- You will be able to draft with real players, please do so at your own time.
- Once the draft is done, please take a screenshot of your pool, and post it onto the Friday Night Magic Chat - AFTER the event.
- Please go into your collection, and create a 40 card deck ONLY FROM THE DRAFT POOL
Event Information and Flow

- We will be playing 3 rounds of swiss, with round 1 starting at 6:30
- Any one who is late for 10 minutes forfeit the game.
- Pairings will be posted on our discord, and players can then look for their opponents and play. 
- I will provide all the Arena ID of players and Pairings on the discord chat.
- Only 1 player will need to report back to me.
- We will play Best of 3, with Sideboard.
- Each pod will have 8 players, we will sort out multiple pods if needed.


Prize support

1st Prize - MTG Arena Swag Bag Code (I will give away my own copy!)
Spot Prize - Random Secret Lair Exclusive Sleeves for MTG Arena

Everyone will also receive an exclusive Arena Code for a Promo Pack