Friday Night Magic at Home on Arena (April 3rd)

This Friday, we will be running an event for players in Arena to play at home! 

Time: 7pm Pairings go up
Free Registration (Both Paid and Free): Head to our discord

Please mute all games you don't play, and look for FNM April 3rd, and follow how to post your name and you Arena ID there. 

For Paid event, please head to our store to purchase a ticket: , entry is $15 for Support, but you can play for free if you want!

Once you are done, please still head to the discord and enter, and I will enter your details onto our pairing.

For Free event, please just head to the discord and do the same.
Event Information and Flow

- We will be playing 3 rounds of swiss, with round 1 starting at 7pm
- Any one who is late for 10 minutes forfeit the game.
- Pairings will be posted on our discord, and players can then look for their opponents and play. 
- I will provide all the Arena ID of players and Pairings on the discord chat.
- Only 1 player will need to report back to me.
- We will play Best of 3, with Sideboard. Arena will unlock ALL standard cards for the duration of this event.


Prize support for Paid event (Per Pod)

Paid Event will be played in a pod of 8 players, and won't be combined unless we can't fill the next pod. (Basically Spellbound Style, we will make sure it's fair)

1st Prize - Free Prerelease Event for Ikoria
Spot Prize - Random Secret Lair Exclusive Sleeves for MTG Arena
Everyone - Will receive 2 Booster Packs once we are back from lockdown, also will receive an exclusive Sleeve for MTG Arena*


Prize support for Free event (Requires at least 8 players)

Free Event will be played in 1 single pod. 

1st Prize - Random Secret Lair Exclusive Sleeves for MTG Arena
Everyone - Will receive an exclusive Sleeve for MTG Arena*


To redeem your Exclusive Sleeve for MTG Arena, please take a screenshot of your Event page and post it on our Friday Night Magic discord channel, Then I will be able to send you the code for the sleeves.

First come first served, we only have a handful amount of sleeves to give out, if it does exceed, I will request for more.