Pokemon Video Game Online Lockdown League (March / April)

To support the Pokemon community, we will be running a League at home for players to be able to still play remotely with other people while New Zealand is in Lock Down.

Entry: Free (Spellbound Games will pay for shipping as well if within NZ)
League Period: 4 Weeks
Method of play: Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch
Pairing system: 5 Rounds swiss weekly with best of 3
Registration deadline: March 27th
Spellbound Games Discord: https://discord.gg/UAXMfwa

The format will be as follows :-
    • All Pokémon on your team must have originally been discovered in different regions!
    • Pokémon with a regional variant count as having been originally discovered in that region
    • Whether or not a Pokémon can Gigantamax does not affect its region (e.g. G-Max Charizard will always be Kanto)
  • Pokémon do not need to have the Galar symbol
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are not permitted (the game will let you submit a team but we will have to penalise you for the error)
  • No two Pokémon may have the same Pokédex number, or held item
  • Y-Comm Link Battle Double Battle - Battle Tower Rules (Battle Tower Rules do NOT automatically level up your pokemon to LV 50) - you must have played up to the Battle Tower in Post-game to have unlocked this ruleset.
  • Best of 3 games
  • The tournament will be operated on Challonge, games will be played on Y Comm Link, and to register for each weekly session, I will need you to provide me with your TCGO nickname, Full name, DOB and Pokemon Organised Play ID via a google form which will be posted in the relevant channel at the start of each week. I will also need to have screenshots of your team lists (to confirm they are legal for format) each week. We will be trusting you to leave the lists unchanged until the week's league is finished. Pairings will be announced daily in the "VGC Lockdown Play" channel on the Spellbound Games Discord server (https://discord.gg/UAXMfwa)
    The points distribution for the league will be as follows
    +1 point per win during swiss.
    1st Place: +2 points
    2nd Place: +1 point
    LAST place: +2 points.
    We will be taking the best 3 weekly results out of your 4 weeks of possible play (so you can miss a week without fear of affecting your overall placing)
    Current Prize structure is as follows:
    Weekly winner - 1 Pokemon Plushie
    Weekly Spot prize - 1 Pokeball Plushie
    Overall League winner - 1 random Mimikyu's Night Camp Pokemon Keychain
    Physical prizes can be collected at the end of the lockdown. There are assorted plushies of each type to be won, and the winner can communicate with Tom on their selection.
    To allow for flexibility of play - you will have 24 hours to coordinate with your paired opponent, and play a best of 3 series. Winner reports to Tom/Myself and we pair the next round in the following day. Unreported games will be treated as ties.
    Comment below if you have any questions etc.