Winds of the Ominous Moon Booster Box (8th June)

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    The Culmination of the Reiya Cluster

    Familiar mechanics such as "Spirit Magic" and "Mystery Counters" introduced in the [Reiya Cluster Starter Decks] will be carried over. New mechanics such as "Auras" and "Time Will" will be introduced. 

    Basic Stones and Basic Rulers Will be Enclosed in a Separately

    Basic magic stones (light magic stone, fire magic stone, etc) will not be included inside booster packs. Instead, 6 copies of every basic magic stone (30 total) will be enclosed separately inside the box. One copy of each basic ruler will also be included inside the box.

    The Story Reaches it's Climax

    At long last, the Time Spinning Witch has appeared in our world. 

    With the last of her power unsealed, Reiya heads to the decisive battle with unwavering determination.


    With that, a breeze from the future blows by. 

    Each booster box comes with 36 packs and 1 Buy a box promo.

    1 Pack Contains 10 Cards


    - $189.95

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